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Strategic communications, project promotion, proposal and grant writing can be critical components in any successful commercial endeavor. We can help with that!

With over 30 years of experience in communications, and more than 15 years of experience working with public sector entities, we understand how to position your project to achieve maximum community exposure, clarify and improve public perception, and increase your future project deal flow within the private or public sector.

In early 2023, we identified and won a matching grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce for our client which has resulted in 75% matching funds for a major clean energy and electrification project at his facility near the Bellingham International Airport. We are currently managing that project to completion and preparing to promote it to the Puget Sound business community with a major strategic communications campaign which will be rolled out to Web, social media, video and print outlets.

We also partner with the Community Energy Challenge to help identify facilities that can significantly lower their carbon footprint and come into compliance with national and state initiatives to decrease GHG emissions and reduce carbon.


We can help achieve these goals by presenting available grants or incentives to lower operating costs and improve profitability, sometimes at no cost to the client.  Then we take on the project management to ensure staff can focus on running their organizations.

We can also plan and execute a successful public relations campaign to support any project, ensuring greater public support, positive awareness of your commercial brand, and greater visibility of your services in the community.

Need to improve your facility? We take on the role of grant writer, pulling your proposal together with needed local endorsements so you can win grants and take advantage of incentive programs, many of which are out there for the taking, with few organizations being able to compete for them successfully without a grant writer on staff. 

We also partner with the Space Advocate to ensure your projects better meet the needs of your occupants!

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