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Asset Management

Having competent "boots on the ground" to meet and manage the physical needs of your commercial real estate asset is a critical component of any successful investment.


It's also an area where many traditional property management companies fall short. 

We understand that gap and fill it for you. The result is a higher return on investment, improved cash flow and lower vacancy rates for the lifetime of your ownership.

Asset Management Services include:

  • Administering regular and seasonal maintenance work required to protect your asset, enhance and maintain your facility's "curb appeal", and ensure that you meet local compliance. All this work ensures your asset's maximum appreciation over time.

  • Handling repair issues that come up at your facility, through investigation of the repair, and sourcing competent, high value tradespeople to handle them.

  • Administration of special projects such as facility expansion, clean energy upgrades, or remodeling projects that improve your equity.

  • Identification of grant and incentive opportunities that can help offset the cost of meeting carbon reduction goals. 

  • Permitting of facility improvements.

  • Ensuring your facility meets the annual cash flow and future appreciation goals you set out to achieve when you acquired your asset.


We have relationships with competent local vendors to ensure firstly if repairs are actually needed, and if so, that they are completed  competently and in a timely manner, with the appropriate permits.

We're a different kind of Asset Manager.


We don't touch your funds. Instead, we partner with a highly competent, licensed accounting firm which handles all your property accounting needs for you (unless you prefer to handle your accounting yourself).


In our opinion, outsourcing your property accounting to a licensed financial professional will keep your operating costs low, while ensuring the maximum health and profitability of your asset over time. 

Our role is to help you operate and maintain your building.


When funds are needed to achieve those goals, we let you decide if your accountant should release those funds, once we have identified needed improvements or repair and maintenance tasks that need to be completed at your facility. Then we administer the work and let your accountant track and manage your NNN allocations each cycle.

  • Project management of capital improvements needed to repair, improve, or enhance your rental property.

  • Sourcing competent trades people to handle your property capital improvement projects, repairs, or municipal requirements.

  • Maximizing profitability of your asset. We're your partner in commercial leasing, which we handle through our broker relationship with RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc.

  • While we don't touch your accounts, we do handle any operational needs required to operate your property and to meet the financial goals you set when you acquired it.

  • This work includes identifying and applying for grant opportunities from national, state or local entities offering grant matching programs that can help you meet government requirements, improve your property,  and lower your operating costs. 

Need a local project manager, but prefer to handle your own accounting? We can work with that!


We understand that some property owners prefer to manage their own accounting. No problem! We don't ever touch your property funds. Instead, our role is to keep your asset in top condition and to address any operational issues that come up.


Our accounting partner is ready to jump in to assist, in the event you change your mind and decide that you need accounting support at a later date. 

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